Gender, Interculturality in Cultural Studies

Students will be introduced to core concepts of race, gender, sexuality and class and how they relate to each other in cultural theory and practice. Students will get an overview over canonical writers within four sessions: „Introduction to Racialization, Colonialism and Gender in Cultural Theory“, „Uncanny Representations“, „Postcolonial Europe“ and „Critical Race Theory and its Discontents“. Students interested in Critical Cultural Theories and Practices as well as those interested in questions of Racialization and Colonial realities, are welcome to join. English is the language of instruction and should be spoken sufficiently to participate verbally, as well as, in order to hand in assignments in English.

Teaching Methods:

The lecturer will ensure discussion frameworks sensitive to social/political positioning.

It should be noted that we will tackle issues of racism, sexism and colonialism that include violence against people/women of color. Students should be willing/able to discuss and read about i.e. violence, death and rape. Please hand your desired names and pronouns to the lecturer immediately after the class commences. If possible, bring name tags.