Research interests and fields


Western/Central Europe with a focus on Germany, Race Critical Theories, Critical Whiteness Theory, Psychoanalysis (& race), Gender and Sexuality Studies, Post-/ De-/ Colonial Studies and Indigenous Studies.


Race and Whiteness, the "New" Far Right, psycho-social processes of race, researching home, researching up to power, anti-Muslim racism, anti-Semitism, anti-Blackness.


Frantz Fanon, Sigmund Freud (et. all), Critical Whiteness Theories, race critical theories, Post-/ Colonial Theory (settler colonial studies)


Psychoanalytic ethnography, researching up to power and researching home, methods of researching up to race/ Whiteness, popular culture (bell hooks)


I am also interested in supervising students in their MA or PhD Theses. My interests and abilities to supervise span from questions and theories of race, racialization processes, to psychoanalysis and Europe as a geopolitical entity, writ large. Projects on Critical Whiteness Studies (including, but not limited to, the renewed increase in the popularization of the Radical and Far Right) are in particular encouraged, as well as students working on a Fanonian inspired analytic of Whiteness (class and psyche), colonialism and race. Intersectional approaches (race, class, gender, ableism, etc) are encouraged as starting points and developed further. In particular, my research methods focus on researching up to power (not down), or, in specific cases, also "researching sideways" - the localities that I am willing to adequately supervise are those that are "researching home" (meaning the student's home). Students are expected to come up with, and further develop, their own project as well as engage in a critical self-reflection for their own project and reflect their own interest/ investment in the topics they are interested in.