Decolonise This! 

Decolonise This! is an educational video series contributing to a global debate on the legacies of European colonialism, imperialism, racial slavery and genocide.

Decolonise This! brings theories from the Radical South, as well as, radical theorists from the North, to an audience working in the “humanitarian and international development” sectors.

1) Introduction

2) Frantz Fanon - Colonialism as Violence

3) Frantz Fanon - Colonialism as White Supremacy 

4) Aimé Césaire - Colonialism as Fascism

5) Toni Morrison - Racism as Fascism

6) Steve Biko - Colonialism as White Liberalism and Apartheid

7) Walter Rodney - Colonialism as Underdevelopment

8) Akwugo Emejulu – Colonialism and Fugitive Feminism 

The theorists, thinkers, and books in this collection are valuable for global debates on what it means to be "human," to be "treated human," as well as how to organize global society differently for a future that is still in the making.

I am looking forward to bringing more theorists, their books, and ideas to the table of the "International Development" world. With that I hope to enlarge the scope of the conversation predominantly through the lense of, what I call, the "Radical South" as well as radical thinkers from the North. If you have ideas and proposals for additional work that should be featured, please get in touch with me either through Arqaam or my personal email on this website.   


You can follow our series on this Website as well as on YouTube.


In addition, I also do consultancy work around racism, gender/sexuality and decoloniality.Please get in touch if you want to find out more.