As an aspiring independent researcher and social critic, I welcome the commissioning of pieces to be written for/about you and your work/institution. I am more than interested in expanding my writing (skills) in the rubrics of “book review essays”, “movie reviews” and academic-inspired “public policy papers”. The goal is to work against the eclipsing of “information” with “knowledge” in an age of information overflow and bring back critical academic scrutiny, yet in an accessible writing style and manner.
My angle stems from a critical theory and a radical feminist perspective. In terms of methodology I am firmly rooted in what anthropologists call “researching up to power” as well as “researching home”.
Please view the description of the different categories that I am interested in in the relevant sections below. If you are interested in commissioning a commentary on your/ someone else’s work, or have a special tailored request, please get in touch through the contact page with the title (i.e. “book review essay”) in your headline and some background information for me to get back to you in time.